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2023 Virtual Event Talks – March

Veterinary Nursing: is it for you? – CAW

Getting into Veterinary Medicine – RVC

Careers in the Animal Behaviour and Training Industry – ABTC

Animal Reiki  – Friends of Baxter Animal Care

Careers With Cats Protection  – Cats Protection

Work-based Animal and Horse Care: Learning on the job  – CAW

Dog Grooming for a Living – CAW

What makes a good Zoo, Wildlife and Exotics Nurse – AZEVN

Animal Welfare volunteering and working in Australia with horses and livestock – Oyster Worldwide

Career Opportunities at Dogs for Good – Dogs for Good

Regulation of Musculoskeletal Practitioners in Animal Care – Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners

Working with Pet Blood Bank UK – Pet Blood Bank

Working for and with cats – what are the options? – International Cat Care

Project You – CAW Careers Advice