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Virtual Careers With Animals Day – Saturday 2 March 2024

Virtual Careers With Animals Day is a free, online event for those interested in working with animals.

Hosted virtually, you’ll get the chance to listen to career talks from key organisations within the animal care and veterinary industry, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Come along to our next event on Saturday 2 March 2024 and gain the information you need to start your career with animals, all from the comfort of your own home.

Speaker and talk information is available below. Join the event here:

Joining the Event

In order to join the event, you will need to be logged into Zoom. If you do not already have a Zoom account set up under this email address, you will need to create a free one here 

You may also need to download the app, dependent on what device you are using, so please ensure you allow plenty of time to get set up before we go live at 10:00am

The link to join the event is here. 

You will be taken to the ‘join lobby’ page and from there, will need to click the ‘sessions’ tab, and then join the event session. You can also join the Expo area at lunch but details will be provided. 

We have created a short video to help you navigate your way around ‘Zoom Events’, which can be accessed here. 

If you have any problems joining the event, you can contact

2024 Event

2024 Talks

Online Registration
Welcome and Introduction Kirsty Jones, The College of Animal Welfare
Veterinary Nursing – is it for you? The College of Animal Welfare
If you’re looking for a rewarding job where you get to care for animals in a veterinary practice, then veterinary nursing could be the career for you! During this talk The College of Animal Welfare will be speaking more about the job role, training options and career progression!
Ponderoa Zoo and the Animal Care Industry Ponderosa Zoo
This presentation will be looking at different jobs available within the zoo industry and how to approach them.
Applying to Veterinary Medicine The Royal Veterinary College (RVC), University of London
An insightful look into the application process when applying to veterinary medicine in the UK.
Animal Welfare Volunteering and Working in Australia with Horses and Livestock Oyster Worldwide
Oyster Worldwide will be discussing the ways in which volunteers can impact and change the animal/human conflict around the world. This will include the discussion of the different types of volunteering that they offer. At Oyster, they have travelled the world to hand-pick some incredible projects that allow you to make a real difference to animal welfare and animal protection.
Oyster will also be discussing opportunities to work in Australia from anything between a season right up to a year or more. For horse lovers, they have an incredible horsemanship training programme and paid job to follow. For agricultural focused individuals, a similar product in farm work skills. Both opportunities offer for you to develop and broaden your existing skills whilst gaining unique work experience, good references, and many contacts globally for future pursuits. Also money in your pocket for travel adventures on shore!
Introduction to Canine Hydrotherapy and the Canine Hydrotherapy Association Canine Hydrotherapy Association
What is Canine Hydrotherapy? Who does it and why? What conditions benefit from hydrotherapy? How do you choose a centre and know staff are qualified? How would you become a hydrotherapist? Where can you study and how long does it take?
Careers at Cats Protection Cats Protection
Would you like to work for an animal charity but unsure what sort of careers are out there? Join Katelyn and Louie in finding out more about careers at Cats Protection. They meet a variety people whose jobs help cats both directly and indirectly. Find out more about the following roles: Cat Care Assistant, Media Officer, Community Neutering Officer, Vet Nurse, Behaviour Manager and Community Education Officer. Discover more about the varied careers and volunteering opportunities in the UK’s largest cat welfare charity. Learn more at:
Lunch Break and Expo Booths
During the lunch break, you will have the opportunity to meet some of our representatives virtually and ask any questions you may have about careers, training and jobs in the veterinary and animal care sectors. Representatives from The College of Animal Welfare and CAW Business School will be available to discuss courses. We will also be joined by representatives from ACPAT, Canine Hydrotherapy Association, Cats Protection, Hartpury University and Oyster Worldwide.
Work-based Animal and Horse Care: Learning on the job The College of Animal Welfare
Have you always wanted to work in the animal care industry? Perhaps you see yourself working in a kennels/cattery, rehoming centre or stables? If so, listen to this talk to learn more about work-based learning and apprenticeships in animal and horse care.
Dog Grooming for a Living CAW Grooming School
Are you the happiest when you’re brushing your dog’s hair? Does a clean dog make you happy? If so, then a career in dog grooming might be your calling! Listen to this talk by the CAW Grooming Team to hear about what it’s like to be a dog groomer and how you get into the industry.
The Horse Trust & Careers in Equine Welfare The Horse Trust
An overview of the work of The Horse Trust and careers within our organisation and the wider equine welfare sector.
An Introduction to Anthrozoology Hartpury University
Take a step into the fascinating world of human-animal interactions and some of the many subjects that surround it. Animals play a central role in our lives and we have a huge impact on their wellbeing, as they do on ours. We encounter and impact animals in their roles as pets, in zoos, on farms, in therapy and in conservation. Clare programme manages the BSc (Hons) Human-Animal Interaction at Hartpury University, the first of its kind in the UK. Their students learn about the many ways people can support animals in the many roles they play in our lives and all the areas in which humans and animals interact.
An Introduction to Veterinary Physiotherapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT)
This presentation will aim to provide an overview of the role of physiotherapy for animals and the advantages of training through ACPAT.
Navigating Success: Strategies to Impress CAW Business School
Unlock the secrets to success in any role with a presentation by CAW Business School, ‘Navigating Success: Strategies to Impress.’ Sarah is a tutor and assessor specialising in leadership and management and HR. She brings a wealth of expertise to guide you through proven strategies for making a lasting impression in your career. Learn techniques for making your CV stand out, interview tips and how to impress in your first 30 days in a new role. Insights that will set you on the path to achieving your professional goals and take the next step toward success.
Thank you and Closing Speech Kirsty Jones, The College of Animal Welfare

Please note the talk timetable may be subject to change.

2024 Speakers

Ponderosa Zoo
Horse Trust